Free Royal Mail 48 Hour Delivery on all UK orders Over £30
Free Royal Mail 48 Hour Delivery on all UK orders Over £30

Frequently Asked Questoins

Yes, you may make items from our patterns to sell, as long as the designer and GJ Beads is credited on all your work. Anyone who purchases one of our patterns or takes one of our workshops is, non-transferrable rights to produce and sell beadwork based off that design, with specific limitations: the purchaser may not mass-produce items for sale from our designs, and may not hire others to produce our designs for sale under their name or business name.

Mass production is considered an order of several dozen pieces. For example, a wholesale order of necklaces for a large department store would typically be considered mass production. A jewellery order for the bridesmaids of a single wedding would not. If you would like to discuss a specific production situation, please contact us.

Yes, you are welcome to display/exhibit work made from our patterns, either online or in physical form, as long as you credit the designer and GJ Beads in all aspects.

You can sell on the physical pattern that you purchased. You may not sell a copy of that pattern. You cannot purchase multiple copies of a pattern to re-sell for a profit.

Yes, you can make a working copy of the pattern while you are creating your work, to make notes on, etc. The working copy must then destroyed after completion of the project, so that only the legal pattern remains in circulation..

You can lend the original pattern/artwork, as long as you do not keep a copy of it, even a working copy, at the same time. If the original number of products stay in circulation, then it is ok.

No! All copies of a pattern are illegal and breach the copyright terms.

No, as this would count as re-selling our patterns for a profit.

No, as this would count as re-selling our patterns for a profit.

No, unless you have contacted us and purchased a tutor license. We offer a tutor license per pattern allowing you to print and distribute the pattern for your workshop.

Yes, as long as you credit the designer in all instances of your demonstrations.

No. We offer free patterns as an incentive, but these come under the same copyright regulations as paid-for patterns. You can print one copy of downloaded patterns for your own use, but you cannot print more copies out to share with friends or beading groups, or teach at workshops.

Yes, the same rules apply as paid-for patterns.

Besides the obvious fact that you don't have to worry about breaking the law if buying illegal copies, buying legal copies is good for both the creators and the customers;

In the event of quality problems, errors or other questions about products you've purchased, you can come to the designer for help.

You are supporting the continuation and growth of GJ Beads for future enjoyment!

GJ Beads reserve the right to supply purchased patterns in printed or digital format.

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