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Free Royal Mail 48 Hour Delivery on all UK orders Over £30

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All beads are pictured in full colour as close to the actual beads as possible. Colours may vary from batch to batch and may fade over time if exposed to direct sunlight or water.

If a bead has the same colour code within the same manufacturer, the colour will be very similar although it may vary from batch to batch. For example, Matsuno size 11 seed beads SZ11-11207 will be very similar to Matsuno size 8 seed beads SZ8-11207, and Miyuki 4mm cube beads SB4-2035 will be very similar to LMA-2035.

If you cannot find a matching colour code, please contact us and we shall find the closest match available.

CRYSTAL means clear glass.

CHALK means white glass.

JET means black glass.

OPAQUE is a glossy, non-transparent, coloured glass.

MATTE is a non-shiny, non-transparent, coloured glass.

TRANSPARENT is a clear, colour-tinted glass.

AB stands for ‘Aurora Borealis’ which is a multi-tonal or a “rainbow” effect coating on the bead.

FAB stands for 'Frosted Aurora Borealis' which is a matte finish with the 'AB' rainbow coating.

LINED e.g. ‘blue lined crystal’, this means that the ‘blue’ is the inside colour and the crystal is the outside colour.

Sterling Silver (STS) is real .925 Sterling Silver.

Silver Plated (SP) and Gold Plated (GP) are a base metal coated with a silver/gold alloy.

Other references to e.g. amethyst, gold, silver etc. are only descriptive of the colour and the products are not actually made of the material.

Antique is a description of a product that looks antique.

Euro Nickel Directives En1810, En1811, En12472. The majority of our metal findings and other beads comply with the directives. Those that do contain higher level of nickel are clearly marked.

A size 10 needle is larger than a size 15 needle

Click here for information on types and sizes of needles from John James

All sizes and measurements are an approximation but we do try to make them as accurate as possible. Pack quantities are approximate. We try to ensure that the minimum pack quantity/ weight is achieved on average. Whilst we do our best to remove any misshapen or imperfect items during the packaging process, we cannot ensure that all items in the pack will be 100% perfect.

Colour Durability & Bead Shapes

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